Month: June 2013

10 Random Facts About Me

Hello all. It’s Nikki Simone here. This is a quick post to allow you all to get to know me a little better. 10 random facts about me.Ready….Set……Lets go!

1.    I broke my ankle freshman year of high school during day 1 of cheer-leading tryouts. Yes, day 1…..gosh darn toe touches.


Ummm…this isn’t me by the way.

2.   I question my talent and ability often, probably too much. Terrible I know. I’m working on that though.


Face palm!

3.   I’m not a fan of chocolate…..Too rich for my blood. (White chocolate is whole other story.)

Yesss Lawd

Yesss Lawd!

4.   I absolutely love romance novels, especially those written by Brenda Jackson. I have almost every single book she’s written.



5.   Every time I take a picture I pose the exact same way. When I try to switch it up I almost always hate the pic.

I can't help it if this is my good side.

I can’t help it if this is my good side.

6.   In Senior Year Phys Ed I was a beast at archery. I should have pursued it.

I could have went to the Olympics y'all

I could have went to the Olympics y’all

7.   I can’t roll my “R’s”. I remember my mom trying to teach me. She kept repeating “Rrrrruffles have rrrrrridges.”

I don't think the Ruffles baby spoke spanish mom.

I don’t think the Ruffles baby spoke Spanish mom.

8.   I hate wearing socks. They are just so uncomfortable. I need to move to a warm climate where I can wear sandals all year long.

This is me in the winter. The struggle.

This is me in the winter. The struggle.

9.   I got my first tattoo because of Moesha. Remember that episode when she got tattooed? When I was watching with my family I asked my mom if I could get one. I didn’t think she would say yes.

Mo to the.... E to the....

Mo to the…. E to the….

10. I’m slightly hydrophobic. Why you ask…well, I can’t breathe under water and I can’t live without breathing. Simple as that.



Do I amuse you? Do you think I’m a clown?? Huh??? Huh???? I hope so. Until next time… Nikki Simone