Fashion Trends I Pray Never Go Away

Hey people. It’s Nikki Simone here and these are a few fashion trends that I’m happy exist and probably couldn’t live without. I mean, seriously, what did I wear before these things were in?


Some may consider leggings a ghetto or “hoodratish” article of clothing these days but I disagree, to some degree. There are some questionable prints out there, but I don’t plan to wear any with marijuana leaves, or naked chicks. I will, however, rock some leather ones, or a tribal print. I’m not much into sweatpants and sneakers so leggings is my go to piece of clothing for comfort. There are so many different styles that you can dress up or down and make work in any situation.

Oh the possibilities.

Oh the possibilities.

HIGH-LOW TOPShl3 - CopyAs I said above I love leggings, but I don’t need my behind showing for everyone to see. At least not all the time. ..Hehe. High-low tops are perfect for situations like this. They show just enough and cover up just enough. They add a touch of style to any outfit. Loooove them.

Dressy or casual. Love them either way.

Dressy or casual. Love them either way.

MIDI SKIRTSmid - CopyThese are a fairly new trend. I think of it as a sexier version of the pencil skirt. Once I hit thirty, I decided mini skirts did not always equate to sexiness. I feel like I’m trying too hard when I wear them. Then, I discovered the MIDI skirt! Sophisticated yet sexy as hell. It still shows what you’re working with without showing everything you working with if you know what I mean.

mid2 - Copy

Yesss lawd!


Aldo-Shoes-Calacagni-Wedge - Copy Heels add a touch of sexiness and sophistication to any outfit. Unfortunately, my feet and most heels don’t get along after an hour or so. Wedges are another story. I can wear them for hours, hop over puddles, skip down the street, dance the night away, stand in line for the bathroom, and make it back home avoiding that nasty barefoot walk of shame.

I need all of these in my closet now.

I need all of these in my closet now.

SKINNY JEANSSkinny-Jeans I remember when skinny jeans made a come back and I vowed to never wear a pair. Scoffing “Those would just make my feet look big.” Now, I don’t own anything but skinny jeans. I mean, seriously, how did we make it stuffing those boot-cuts and flares into knee high boots? How many pair of jeans did we ruin walking on the back of the hems in our sneakers and flats? These problems are all avoided with a pair of skinnies.


Almost as many possibilities as leggings.

CROSS-BODY HANDBAGScb2 I take public transportation and it’s mighty hard to snatch a purse hanging ACROSS the body of an unsuspecting young woman.  That alone is reason enough for me to love them but I do have one more. They keep your hands free to juggle five shopping bags and a cup of Starbucks. Have you ever been Black Friday shopping? If so, you know a cross body is a must.


Isn’t she lovely?

Which of these items are an important staple in your wardrobe? What are some items you can’t live without? Leave a comment, start up a discussion, say something.

Thanks for reading my thoughts. I hope you enjoyed. Until next time……Nikki Simone



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