Month: April 2014

So Fetch


Hey there, NikkiSimone here. 10 years ago today the movie Mean Girls was released. Who would’ve thought it would still be relevant and quoted on a daily basis. In honor of the movie I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite quotes and scenes that still crack me up.












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DIY Caged Bralette

Hey there! It’s Nikki Simone here and I present to you my very first DIY! Woohoo! It is super easy and doesn’t take much time at all.


Last year, bralettes and crop tops were all the rage. They have definitely made a comeback for this spring and summer and this DIY is an easy way to revamp or refashion that crop top you wore to death last year. Go on and dig that top out of your closet and lets get started.



Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A crop top of course. I recommend the bralette style because it has bra like seams that acts as a guide to help create to caged look. If you can’t find this style a regular crop top would do. You just have to be very accurate in your measurements and placements.

    Your top of choice. I found this one at A'gaci.

    Your top of choice. I found this one at A’gaci.

  2. Scissors
  3. Fabric glue
  4. 1 package  or 2 yards of 3/8″ wide twill tape
Tools of the trade. All of these items can be found at any fabric or craft store.

Tools of the trade. All of these items can be found at any fabric or craft store.


Lets get to the gluing. I started at the top and remember to complete both sides simultaneously. Whatever you do to one side, do to the other. That way, the overlapping and layered pieces will match.



Next, add the tape down the middle of the bra cups and extend it to the bottom of the top. That way the raw edges will be hidden under the next few pieces we add. Be sure to cut the end a bit longer so there’s enough to fold under leaving a clean finished edge.



Next, add tape to the second seam at the top, and them move on the to curve under the bra cup. Take your time around the curves. It can get a bit tricky. The twill tape will stretch a little bit but don’t pull too much. Also, don’t forget to leave a little extra tape at the tops of the curve to fold over.






How’s it going so far? Not too hard right? We’re almost done. Next up the middle seam. Mine has a zipper down the front so I don’t need to add one. If you don’t grab the glue and, once again, don’t forget to leave extra at the ends to fold under.



Last but not least, the bottom seam. Mine does not have a seam to follow so I measured from the bottom to ensure my tape would be straight. Crookedness….ain’t nobody got time for that. Leave a little extra tape at the side seams. We’re not going to fold them over the back but we are going to fold and glue them down before gluing it onto the shirt.



Voila! We are all done! Now wipe the sweat off your brow and find a cute bottom to match that adorable refashioned top.



Thanks for visiting. Feel free to ask any questions and request future DIY’s below.

Until next time, Nikki Simone.