Month: June 2014

Rock or Not: Birkenstocks

Rock or Not: Birkenstocks

Who’s here for the return of Birkenstocks? I mean I’m present but… I might not raise my hand. What do you think? Comment below.


Summer Trends 2014

Hey people, it’s Nikki Simone here and I present to you my favorite trends of Summer 2014.

First up is Lovely Lace. You can keep it simple in white or nude, or make a statement with bold colors. You can even use this trend to accessorize, whether it’s a lace handbag, shoe, or bangle.


Next up is Awesomely Athletic. There’s an array of joggers available to help you work this trend. Denim, leather, floral, etc. Throw on a cropped football jersey, a leather baseball cap, and a pair of sneakers and you’re all set.


The third trend is the Flawless Full Skirt. I don’t know what it is about a full skirt that makes you want to twirl on a mountain like Maria in The Sound of Music. You can go mini or midi. Solid, printed, or even sheer. Pair it with some killer shoes and knock them dead.


Fourth is Gorgeous Geometric. (I’m reaching with that alliteration huh?) This trend is everywhere. You can find pieces to rock from head to toe. My favorite expression of the geometric trend is the use of tribal and African inspired prints.


Last but not least is Magnificent Mesh. You can go full on mesh like the blazer shown below, or wear pieces with small mesh insets. Either way is sexy and adds a touch of edge to your wardrobe.


That’s all for now guys. What are some your favorite trends of the season? Comment down below. As always thanks for reading and until next time, Nikki Simone.



Do I post her too much? Oh well. You can’t help who you love.

Have you ever seen an outfit that just speaks to you? I swear this one said “Hi there Nikki. You love me don’t you? You need me in your life.” I couldn’t find info on this outfit anywhere so I am going to attempt to sew it myself, with my own two hands. I’m so nervous. *Crosses fingers* Wish me luck. Once I’m done, I’ll share whether I fail or prevail!