Month: January 2016

Overcoming the side-chick mentality

Ymani Hanan

I’ve been the other woman more than once. Meaning, I have known about my significant other cheating, but stood my post boldly as “wifey”. I also, unashamedly with no pride admit that I have been the one to make a man step out of his relationship. Whether it’s been intentional or unintentional can be debated, but the fact remains the same that if there were more than two people in my relationship, no matter what role I played, I was still number two.

My loyalty started to get the best of me freshman year of college. In a pitiful attempt to keep the man I gave my entire life to, I allowed him to step out and play games with me. As long as he “came back home” to me and made plans to marry me ” I knew my role”. I was literally breaking the last pieces I had…

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