DIY Gallery Wall Pieces

Hey people. It’s Nikki Simone here bringing a new diy project. I’ve been inspired by Pinterest, yet again, to create my very own gallery wall for my bedroom. 

I have purchased a couple of pieces of wall art that fit the theme I’m going for, but buying the amount it will take to fill the space will get pretty pricey so I’m making some of my own.

I ransacked my craft supplies, moseyed down to Michael’s for anything I was lacking, and strutted to Dollar Tree to finish it all off.

I will be sharing all of the pieces I create over the next couple of weeks. I hope you enjoy and get inspired.


Cardstock from Michael’s,  metallic and black poster board from Dollar Tree, Gold and Black & White Striped paper from Blick.


Black Sharpie and gold paint from my stash,  thumbtacks and labels from Dollar Tree.


All frames from Dollar Tree.

These first two pieces were super easy and quick to do.

I cut out a piece of the black and white striped paper to fit an 8×10 frame. I then cut out a heart from the gold metallic poster paper.


Place the heart in the center with a bit of glue and voila!


I repeated this process, but used black and zebra print cardstock instead.


Next, I took the labels, wrote a cute message, centered them onto a piece of paper to fit a 5×7 frame and that’s it. Easy peasy.



I just love when my visions come to life. 3 down, several more to go. I’m excited to share the rest of my diy wall art pieces with you. Stay tuned.

Until next time,



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