ColourPop lipstick Lippies ultra Matte

Pops of Colour!

Hey there. It’s NikkiSimone here and I just wanted to share my favorite ColourPop cosmetics Ultra Matte Lip Colors. I…am…obsessed. Enjoy.

  1. LYCHEE. This beautiful shade of purple just pops on my skin. Love it!


2. LAX. Deep maroon gives a stylish and mysterious flair to any outfit. Work!


3. LIMBO. Chocolate brown color takes me back to the 90’s. Yes!


4. MARS. This bright pink is daring and bold. You will definitely get second looks with this color.


Once again, I am obsessed. These matte lip colors are so vivid. They stay put all day long with out drying out your lips. Good job ColourPop!

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time,